Welcome to CONNECT

CONNECT @ Arizona Science Center™ is an interactive digital science subscription offering students, parents, and educators an engaging virtual approach to science learning. Built to meet or exceed the state of Arizona’s Science Standards, CONNECT provides thought-provoking science activities, lessons, and demonstrations created to inspire and empower future scientists.

Perhaps most importantly, CONNECT makes science relevant to everyday life arming your students with the critical thinking skills to tackle real-world problems—now and in the future.

Education Tools for Everyone

  • Interactive Activities

    Spark your excitement for science with our hands-on activities designed to inspire and empower curious future scientists.

  • Dazzling Demonstration Videos

    From dissections to experiments, we’re here to be your resource for fun science activities that spark curiosity and motivate learning.

  • Parent and Educator Resources

    Access lesson plans, helpful resources, and virtual learning best practices like creating schedules and tackling challenges.


Here are all the courses included in your subscription