Bring Out the Inner Engineer in Your Child

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. How we as adults encourage and answer questions that they have, can help foster feelings of support and provide an excellent opportunity for growth. The engineering design process is more than a method for engineers to develop products, it is a way of thinking, learning and doing that helps children learn the skills to help them become analytical and methodical thinkers. In this Parent Course, we will explore how to support the engineering design process at home.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Supporting the Engineering Design Process at Home

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    • Parent CONNECT: Weekly Check-ins

    • Parent Connect: 9/7 Recording

    • Chapter 1: Defining the Engineering Design process

    • Edutopia Video Elementary Engineering

    • Engineering Design Process Discussion Board

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    Muffling Sound Design Challenge

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    • Parent CONNECT: Weekly Check-ins

    • Parent Connect: 9/14/2020 Recording

    • Chapter 2: Muffling Sound Design Challenge

    • Chapter 2 Jamboard Link

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    Create & Test!

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    • Chapter 3: Its Too Loud Part 2

    • Engineering, Tinkering or Making Quiz